Built with "Passion" in the field of information technology, Sindigilive has the vision to become a leading company that can meet the needs of the community for information technology that is growing so fast.

“Sin” is an abbreviation of the word “Sincere”, which means that Sindigilive will always realize its vision and mission with honesty and sincerity.

Sindigilive is a “Company owned by Employee”, which was built by engineers with a technology background. Sindigilive always strives to provide quality technology needs by continuously updating understanding and knowledge in the application of the latest technology

Sindigilive will also continue to improve services for customers and partners, create positive relationships, provide room for learning to a higher level, and strive to remain consistent in the process.

Sindigilive upholds honesty and sincerity in building partnerships in various aspects. “Equal Satisfaction” is the main thing that we will always do in building partnerships.


Sindigilive has become a provider of information technology for various groups and business sectors. These include banks and financial institutions, telecommunications operators, manufacturing industry, energy and mineral mining, transportation, health, etc.

Sindigilive is also an official partner of a South Korean IT company, JenniferSoft, Inc., In line with this, Sindigilive became the main distributor of JenniferSoft, Inc., for Indonesia.

Sindigilive always strives to build relationships with customers up to the partnership level. In the process, Sindigilive will always go hand in hand with all partners to build reliable and quality human resources and build positive relationships to increase potential from various aspects.

We believe that this relationship up to the partnership level will bring satisfactory results for all parties. Because every part of this partnership will always strive to be active contributors and actors in achieving maximum results.


Sindigilive maintains and continues to work to improve values as:

Good Listener

Listens to perspective and captures partner's needs clearly and precisely. Focus on the goals and problems you want to solve, and the results you want to achieve.


Carry out a creative and innovative approach towards the expected solution, while still using methods that are practical, efficient, but effective and on target.

High Performer

Committed to achieving high performance on every job, executing in an effective and efficient manner according to the scope, schedule and financing. This commitment is expressed by an integrated and certified quality system.

Continuous Learner

Planning, providing and building integrated corporate competencies, arranged according to priorities and scheduled.

Solution Guarantee

Ensure that the chosen solution is “best practice”. Not only in terms of technology and applications in the field, but also in terms of financing. So that the realized investment can produce a satisfactory performance for all parties.