We build online learning using moodle as online learning management. Moodle has been widely used in schools, universities, companies and governments. We provide services for Moodle users so that Moodle can work optimally to support online learning system such us:
Fully service moodle hosting
Remote support contract


Content is the foundation of an e-learning system. Content development must be supported by intelligent instruction designers and advanced technology. we build content using standard learning design models, good authoring tools, meet industry learning standards (SCORM) and can be integrated with other systems.

Benefit :
Based on learning objectives and attention to the electronic-based learning environment.
Attention to the availability of storage, bandwidth and technology infrastructure.
Easy to modify, reuse and integrate with LMS/LCMS

List of E-Course

The e-course that we have built has been implemented in several institutions such as banking, government, private sector, universities and etc. the list of e-courses that we have built is :